Providers get involved in Special Chefs’ game-changing call to action in five different ways, all of which benefit your organization and the people you support. To participate as noted below, please get in touch at

1. Simply send us your email and mailing addresses, contact name, and indicate the type of “Pretty Plates” you’d like your organization to receive as donations for your group homes. Pretty Plates are meant to outfit your community-based residential kitchens, so that mealtime is inspired and the right equipment is available for staff and consumers. Once we verify that you’re a legitimate 501(c)(3) and in good standing as an organization supporting people with IDD, you’re on our list! The only strings attached are to use your Pretty Plates earnestly and happily and to send along a thank-you note to the donor of your new kitchen supplies.

2. Let us know if you’re eager to participate in our Mighty Hearts initiative. We need the contact name and email address for the person within your organization who will be coordinating community stakeholders expressing interest in embracing your consumers, improving health and your mission.

3. Sign up to receive our Good-to-Know curricula free of charge, so straightforward, quick-read information about nutrition and better kitchen and mealtime habits starts coming your way.

4. Let us know when staff, consumers, volunteers, and key stakeholders are the center of a noteworthy story related to better nutrition and health for people with IDD. We’ll send a Blue Ribbon Winner certificate of recognition and maybe even a you-bowled-us-over prize. We respect your choice as to whether the story you share is confidential or is one we can shout from the rooftops.

5. Spread the word about Special Chefs, so more people and organizations get involved in our game-changing, proactive initiatives that help you and the people you support. This way, we can all benefit.