The good news is: We make it easy to help. So, please get in touch by emailing We’ll get back to you sooner than you can say, “Pretty Plates and Mighty Hearts.”

We’re not so much about donations coming in to our coffers; rather, we’re about garnering support for our game-changing call to action—think of Special Chefs as the conduit helping to link private citizens, businesses, providers and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the interest of better health and medical care cost savings.

And no donation is too small. A brand spankin’ new whisk or spatula is a terrific addition to a group-home kitchen. And a shiny new soup pot? . . . sublime! A pristine set of forks, spoons and knives? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Donations made to Special Chefs are fully deductible according to the laws governing 501(c)(3) charitable contributions.

Special Chefs, Inc. 1001 Green Bay Road, #195   Winnetka, IL 60093